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Trading Center 

Create Trade 

How many DIFFERENT items? 
0 - Just rice/gold/yen 
1 - One item and rice/gold/yen 
2 - Two items and rice/gold/yen 
so on and so on... 

User ID - You need to know the ID number of the person you are trading with. 
Money - Input the amount of Yen being traded (leave at zero if none is being traded) 
Gold Coins - Input the amount of Gold Coins being traded (leave at zero if none is being traded) 
Bushels - Input the amount of Rice being trade (leave at zero if none is being traded) 

When trading an item or multiple items there will be as many drop down menus as DIFFERENT items are being traded. Each of them lists all of the tradable items in your inventory. Each drop down menu is accompanied by an entry field where you can input the quantity of each item being traded. 

The person trading with you will add their part of the trade into the trade box you just made. 

Do NOT accept the trade until what is being traded to you is acceptable. Make sure that you are online if you are receiving yen as part of the trade as it goes directly to your hand.