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Power Training

Powertraining 101: 

 Will resets every 5 minutes and 5 seconds. Make sure you train at the correct intervals, 5, 10, 15, 20 mins 5 secs or after. 

 Train about 20 times to bring your will down a bit. Then, open a tab to get to the rice patties and hire a Geisha to get your will up to about 500%. You need 480 rice to do this each time you train. DO NOT go above 500%, because if you overshoot, you lose your rice for NOTHING. Also, level 80 and below property you cannot get above 400% will. 

 Go to the power gym and train your full power on 1 stat. You will see a huge increase in it. 

Use Gold to refill your energy and repeat process. 

-TIP : Everytime your Will drops below 400%, refill it again. Do this with several tabs once you get the hang of things.