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Meaning of the Stat Bars 

- Energy regenerates by 8% every 5 minutes, or 17% if you’re a donator. You can also refill your bar to 100% at any time using 12 gold coins. You use energy to fight and to train at the gym. 

- Will regenerates a small percentage every 5 minutes. There is a way to pump it past 100% by visiting the geisha. See the advanced training section for details. The actual value of your will at 100% is determined by the house you own. 

- Brave regenerates a small amount every 5 minutes. It is used for doing crimes, busting people out of jail and for robbing houses if you’re a donator. 

- Experience is your progress towards reaching the next level. See “how to level up” for details. 

- Health is used in battle. You can use items to refill your health but it’s usually not necessary. Your health bar refills itself by 33% every 5 minutes. 

Status is Important! It is MORE IMPORTANT than weapons and armor. At below level 80, DO NOT PURCHASE expensive weapons and armors. Here is what each stats signify: 

-Strength : how hard you hit. 

-Agility : probability of a successful hit. 

-Guard : how many hits you can take. Defence. 

-Labour : helps with mining, logging for wood, and work related things. 

-IQ : how smart you are, helps in jail busting and crimes. 70,000 IQ is the most Ideal. 

Stat Built Types: 


Pros: Most popular build, especially among high levels. May make for quick kills. 

Cons: Most popular build, therefore providing no unique advantage or disadvantage. 


Pros: One hit kills are nice. 

Cons: Susceptible to 1 hit kills if agility isnt amazing. Potential punching bag for people with superior agility. 


Pros: Uncommon build provides a counter to all the high strength samurai. 

Cons: May do 1 damage on them because of lower strength if they put a lot into guard. 

Str>Guard>Agi or Guard>Str>Agi 

Please dont put yourself through this torture, unless the air is your enemy. Because that’s all you’ll hit. 

I recommend : Str = Agility > Guard as a build until you hit level 300. 

Daily Routine (Starters): 

-vote for rice and gold. Click on the [Vote for Samurai of Legend at various RPG toplists and be rewarded.] link. 

-do 100-145 spins on the Wheel of Destiny. To get extra spins after the daily 100 spins, go to the rice patties (click Explore to find) and buy 3 sets of spins for 20 rice bushels each. That will give you 45 spins extra. 

-Invest in Grab Bags. May open up to 2000 a day. Grab bags gives Personal Power Gym Admission Scroll (PPGAs) and Power Gym Admission Scroll (PGAs) for selling or powertraining (encouraged level 80 and above), Gun Powder Explosives (GPE)s for blowing people up and various other goodies which generates income, and even extra spins! 

-get City Bank Account : stock your cash there. 

-get Gold Bank Account : stock your gold there. 

-Longterm invest: You can put up to 30 million into a longterm invest and its really worth it. But you should have a donator day when you start one because the interest rate of a donator is much higher than the rate of a non-donator. The 20 day invest is the best choice the interest rate of it varies around 214%-250 % That would give you close to 100 million after 20days. 

-TIP: If you get in jail or hospital, click Inventory and use either Newbie Jail Key or Newbie Med Kit. Once you are out of it, stock Bandages, Acupuncture Needle and Sneaky Monkeys. 

Extra Routine (Advanced) : 

-Stock up on Bandages and Monkeys with extra money. If you have more, stock up on Acupuncture Needle. 

-Check rice growing process. Rice Growing summary: 

1 field=4 bag + 5 workers + 6 scarecrows. 

Rice takes 1 day to plant, 2 days to grow, 2 days to harvest and 1 day to dry before it is ready. You get 40 bushels per field per week if you do this correctly. 

Tip: Remember to fund payroll. 

You DO NOT need guards as of yet as the mod was NEVER completed. Just type 0 for guards when harvesting 

If you are starting to plant rice, lease all land and have at least 12 million to start with 3 fields. 

Stocking rice early helps you powertrain later and rice is also worth quite some money on the Rice Market. 

-Mining : 

Start doing this feature as soon as possible. Mining gear are available at the level 10 city for a total cost of 270,000. If you don’t have the funds or the level to go purchase the items yourself ask the Daimyo or the Shogun to help you out. Each time you mine you will gain gold flakes which can be turned into GOLD COINS which you will need to increase your IQ in your search to find that elusive diamond. You will also find the occasional gem which can help you make rings, stat based armor or weapon. You can find the info in the "workshop" through EXPLORE but only if you have any of those gems in your inventory. 

BEWARE to always keep your power equal to your mining level because once you change mines the cost of raising your mining power will do the same as well regardless of what power you’re at when you enter such mine. After the level 40 mine, if you do plan to mine, get your labour up to 7-8million by powertraining. Hence, you have to first make level 100. 

Bank info: 

1. City bank (requirement lvl 1 costs:50k to open an account) 

Maximum money that earns interest 150 million 

-->daily interest 2% (without bank card) / 4% (with bank card) 

3 million / 6 million 

2.National Bank (requirements lvl 100 City: Lvl 100 city Kyoto costs:50 million to open a account) 

Maximum money that earns interest: 2 billion 

-->daily interest 2% (without bank card) / 4% (with bank card) 

40 million / 80 million 

There is also a 5 % withdrawal fee in this bank 

Withdraw 76,190,467 to not lose money. 

3.National Reserve Act (Requirement: lvl 300 cost: 200 million to open the account) 

Maximum money that earns you interest: 5 billion 

-->daily interest 2% (without bank card) / 4% (with bank card) 

100 million / 200million 

There is also a 5 % withdrawal fee in this bank 

Withdraw 190,467,190 to not lose interest. 

Basic Enhancement: 

Theft Protection : prevents robbery and theft. Does NOT prevent mugging, BUT, to mug you , people first have to beat you. 

Bank Card : gives double interest in banks daily. (4% instead of 2%) 

Auto Wheel of Destiny Spinner : automatically does your spins, for about 1 months worth per each. 

Grab Bag Opener : opens up to 2000 Grab Bags (cost 2000 each in Grab Bag Centre) per day and can last about 1 month. 

For other Donator enhancements, check the donator packs. 

Honor Awards: 

Those awards are available when you reach certain milestones during the game and you can find out what they are by clicking on EXPLORE and then "Honor Awards". You can claim those awards by clicking on the link above that page or the one that says "Honor Exchange" later in the game. I strongly urge you NOT to exchange your Awards for: Sake keg, Explosives or Projection Scrolls, since they aren’t that profitable. 

How to Survive: 

For Newbies (below level 100): 

-Sell most of your stash at a reasonable price. Learn to watch the market and jot down the prices of things. 

-Level 1 to 10 : do Crimes, do the grave robbing and jade necklace one to level up. 

-Get your stats up by doing classes. Do the MOST EXPENSIVE ONEs you can afford. 

-Jail Bust : Do this when you get your IQ up to 70,000 and ONLY bust out people from level 1-10 as they will give you 3% exp each time at the cost of 10 Brave. You can do this and get to level 175 really fast. 7 SOLID days of jail busting gets you there really quick. After 175, you do not get exp for jail busts anymore. 

-at level 1-70 sell ALL your rice daily for cash. 

-stock gold to make IQ 70,000 and to powertrain later. It is also better to use gold to buy weapons and armor instead of pay a hip load of money. (DO NOT BUY expensive gear until level 80 at least). 

- Fighting 

1) Choose opponents in your town and "attack" them. You can also fight NPCs in the battle tent or when spinning the wheel of destiny. You need 33% energy to attack. Your opponent needs 50% energy to be attacked. 

2) Always attack only with your primary weapon. It should be your strongest. Weapon strength is determined by how expensive the weapon is. Your opponent will use their primary and off-hand weapons randomly, which gives you a better chance to beat them. 

3) If you win, you get the chance to mug, hospitalize or leave them. Hospitalizing is good to get a point across. Also for revenge, a clan war, or a contract. Mugging can be an easy source of income for young players, and valuable..but it wont help you level. Leaving your opponent puts them in the hospital for just a short while and nets you experience. 

***If someone attacks you when youre online and you tell the proper clan officer, someone will take care of it. - Attacking and hitting "Leave Them"is the best way to gain experience. 


For Seniors (above level 100): 

- Will and Brave CAN exceed 100. You just need A LOT of rice; at level 100, make sure you STOCK RICE now. 

-Stock PPGAs and sell PGAs. 

-Invest in Grab Bag Openers and work with interest on a full bank. 

-Deal in Trading Post (Public Forums) to fill up your national bank. 

Powertraining 101: 

-Step 1: Will resets every 5minutes at 05seconds of every 5minute interval. Make sure you train at the correct intervals, 5, 10, 15, 20 mins 05 secs or after. 

-Step 2 : train about 20 times to bring your will down a bit. Then, open a tab to get to the rice patties and hire a Geisha to get your will up to about 400% or higher. You need 480 rice to do this each time you train. DO NOT go above 490%, because if you overshoot, you lose your rice for NOTHING. Also, level 80 and below property you cannot get above 400% will. 

-Step 3: Go to the power gym and train your full power on 1 stat. You will see a huge increase in it. 

-Step 4 : use Gold to refill your energy and repeat process. 

-TIP : Everytime your Will drops below 400%, refill it again. Do this with several tabs once you get the hang of things. 

-Learn to hang on to weaker targets and kill them once you have more stats than them, this will help you level indefinitely.