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Primal Status: Found on the top panel when you login 

Name: What you like to be called. You can change this at the preference screen but your login name and password will remain the original one you sign up with. If name is red, it means you have earned donator days (increases interests earned in banks, heal faster, access to more options such as robbing a person without killing them,etc) 

Money: Essential medium of trade in the game. You earn it via spinning the wheel, buying and selling, robbing or doing crimes. Money is needed for basically everything in the game. There is [bank] option if you have money out. Use it to bank in your money. 

Location: There are various cities you can reach in the game as you grow in terms of levels, you have to reach the specific level before you can reach the city. Refer to my City N Items guide. 

Level: Your current level in the game. Level 1-15 can be reached doing crimes, then you can either kill your way up to level 100 by getting your secondary status up or jail bust people who are level 1-10 for the best exp (3% per successful bust not including yourself).You can jail bust up to level 175 for exp. 

Gold Coins: gold coins that can be used as a secondary medium of trade, to replenish your energy and to heal people (healing is useless, trust me). 

Rice: Used to get your will up to 500%. This is only appropriate if you reach level 100 or 120 and have the property to do POWER TRAINING. Otherwise, a great source of income if you sell it in the 100s or 1000s units. 

NOTE: Once you buy gold from the market, you cannot resell them. Same thing for Power Gym Scrolls, they become PPGAS. 

Turns Left: How many turns you have left at the Wheel of Destiny. You get 100 turns per day but may earn more turns via spins, opening grab bags and buying more spins at the rice patties. 

Gym Membership: Cost 10,000 per day. Determines your access to the normal gym. However, you need to have days available to access the Power Gym and have the Personal Power Gym Scrolls or Power Gym Scrolls(PGAs). 

Status Bars: Beside the Primal Status 

Energy: needed to train in the gym or to kill people (uses 33% per attempt to kill). Can be replenished with paying 12 gold or automatically replenishes 8-17% per 5 minutes. 

Will: needed to perform training or various activities. Best train if will is 100% or over, otherwise it is pointless. 

Brave: needed to do crimes. Increases with level. 

Exp: when it hits 100% you reach a new level. When you kill unsuccessfully 3 times in a row or run from a fight, it resets to 0%. You gain exp via jail busts, killing and doing crimes however everything but killing has level caps. 

Health: increases with your level. 

Battle Status:found when you click Home on the side panel. 

Strength: how hard you can hit. 

Agility: how fast you can hit. 

Guard: how good you are at avoiding a hit. 

Labour: helps you when you mine for gold or jewels or do activities such as logging,etc. 

IQ: how smart you are, increases the rate of making decent amount of gold from gold flakes, increases the rate of success for a crime and jail bust. Otherwise useless,don’t spend too much time raising IQ unless you have the gold or the money for it. 

Side panel:Found on the side when you login.If you are in jail or in hospital, this panel changes as you are restricted to certain options.Get out of jail or the hospital to make them available again. 

A lot of the options in the side panel are pretty much self explanatory but there are a few that I would highlight. 

Inventory: shows you your weapons, armor, healing items,etc that you have acquired in the game. 

Explore: to move around in the game or to access more options regarding the game. 

Crimes: for earning money and items. If you cannot do a crime, get your level up. For level 1-10, rob graves and do the jade necklace crime. 

Your Job: earns you some money daily along with some status. Worth it to keep a good job and get promoted through time. 

Local School: enables you to take a class, you need not do them in sequence. Once you pay for a class, there is no way you can cancel it. Refer to my classes and prices guide. 

Hospital: to get out use bandages or healing items in your inventory. 

Jail: to get out use jail monkeys found in your inventory. 

Your Clan: allows you access to the clan page when you are in a clan. You can see your clan members, access your clan forums or even do logging in the forest and join the attack ladder to battle clan mates. 

Game Rules: read it. Break it and you will be banned from the game. 

Common Game Ethics: 

Online attacks are not illegal, but if you hit someone online, expect retaliation. 

If you leave money outside when you are online/offline, you WILL get robbed or mugged. So deal with it by placing it in the bank.

Offending players who are 50 levels or more above you is stupidity, you will most likely get beat up real badly. 

Bombing and Mugging people when they are online is likewise asking for trouble. DO NOT do it unless the person is someone whom you really hate. 

Running your mouth like an idiot in chat or the public forums or via mail or comments on a player’s page will most likely get you killed over and over in the game. 

This is only a game. DO NOT take it too seriously. 

Daily To-Do List 

-Check up on your inventory for healing items and jail monkeys for getting out of jail and hospital. STOCK UP. 

-Do 100 spins at the Wheel of Destiny for basic items and cash. 

-Buy more spins in the rice patties (you can exchange 20 rice for 15 more spins and up to 45 spins a day) 

-If you have the money, buy up to 2000 grab bags a day (cost 4 million for 2000 bags) and start opening them in your inventory. You can only open 2000 a day which will give you power gym scrolls, bombs, and more spins among other goodies. 

-Do more spins at the Wheel of Destiny. 

-Sell your rice and gold if you need extra money, otherwise save it up until it hits a decent amount before you sell it. 

-Do a class if you have not already done one. Do the most expensive one you can afford first. 

-Get a job if you don’t already have one. If you have the minimum stats for a promotion, ask for it as it will give you more resources and stats each day. 

-Mining. Do it if you have a high amount of labour (over 1 million). When you fail miserably, get more labour. Mining gear is available at the level 10 city or ask your clan mates to buy you one in exchange for resources. Gold flakes from mining can be made into gold in the workshop and jewels can be used to enhance weapons or sold for money. 

-Logging. To log, buy an axe at the level 10 city and click [your clan] then click forest to cut trees. Tree cutting requires 20% energy, 10% brave, and 1% will. Logs are important for a clan to grow and maximize it’s districts capacity in the clan districts section. 

-At higher levels, monitor your bank interest and transfer them as necessary. 

-You can donate resources and stuff you do not need to the clan. To do so, click donate for resources such as money, rice or gold and to donate things in your inventory click armory from the [your clan] page and click [donate] on top. 

To Level Up: 

-Do crimes, kill people, jail bust or raise your battle stats. 

To do crimes refer to the side panel. 

To kill people simply open up someone’s profile and click attack. IF you beat them you will be given 3 options –Mug them for money, Hospitalize them to increase their time in hospital (useless if offline) or Leave them to gain exp. The higher level opponent you beat, the more exp you earn. 

Jail bust level 1-10 people to earn 3% (the most exp for busting) each time. It takes up 10 brave per attempt and you may be caught. Safest way and Fastest way to reach level 175 but you will be REALLY WEAK to fend off attacks if you do it this way. 

Training in the Gym and Power training raises your stats to enable you to move in for the next kill. 

Things to Get to make life easier 

Bank Card : gives you 4% interest daily instead of 2%. Your normal bank, when you have 150 million in it daily, gives you 6 million in interest instead of 3 million. The level 100 and 300 banks of course, gives you WAY more than that. Level 100 banks allows you to fill 2billion and with a bank card allows you to take out 76,190,476 per day while the level 300 bank holds 5 billion and allows you to take out 190,476,190 per day. That is INTERESTS earned DAILY, so you really would want to get to level 300 real quick unless of course, you are a level sitter or decide to war.

Grab Bag Opener : opens 2000 grab bags in 1 click. Lasts for about a month and a half. 

Auto Wheel of Destiny Spinner: completes your spin in 1 click. Last 6000 spins. 

Theft Protection: avoids you getting robbed. Otherwise useless. Oh, having this does not mean you cannot get mugged. If someone kills you, they can still take your money. 

Donator Days Packs: makes life easier as you heal faster and have 1-2 more options than usual. Otherwise really not worth it although it doubles your long term investment returns in the bank. 

Weapons and Armor 

Seriously, weapons and armor will give you a attack and defense boost although it is unclear how much BUT unless you have the battle status to support it, it is literally useless so I would not spend so much on weapons and armor until you reach level 100 with a full national bank. And duh! The more expensive something is, the better quality it is and the less likely it is to break. 

And, if something breaks, you can repair it in the repair centre. But, try selling broken stuff to item collectors as they are willing to pay a little more for it. 


Found in the Estate Agency section. Basically, I would advice you guys to do the 100 or 200million dollar class first then get to level 120 and get the jinja. It gives you a big boost in your Will and this helps when you power train as it brings stats up a lot.