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DA`s Essential SoL Guide 
Ver 10.7.10 — A Discount Armor Guide 
DA ~ Trillion yen discount ~ See Profile [224819]: 
Best Buy/Sell deals on Gear, Gems, Donator Goods! 

First of all: Make sure you go to the "Wheel of Destiny" and do your 100 free spins per day. If you do that, you will get lots of rice, gold, yen and other sellable stuff. 

Take some of the rice that you receive and go to the Rice Patties and buy the daily limit of 45 extra spins every day. Spin those, get more stuff. 

Sell all those sculptures, carvings, books, chopsticks, frozen fish, mochi, and wasabi back to the game, using the SELL button. Some people collect some of these items. But they don`t pay much more than the game does. Just sell to the game. Get the yen! Turn everything into yen! Yen earns interest! 

If you are a miner (and you should be a miner! It is very profitable!), sell any gems. It *seldom* pays to make weapons or armor in the Workshop. The only ring worth making is the one you make for your spouse. If you can't find anyone else to buy your gems, contact me, DA. I'm always buying. 

Get in the habit of banking all yen before mining. There are robbers down there. There are players who have lost more than a billion yen to one mining robbery. Repair broken mining equipment. It's not worth collecting. Get your IQ to 380 times your level before REFINING gold. Otherwise you will have losses. Buy more MINING POWER as you become eligible for it. It is well worth it at least up until 

And look near the top of each page for the red " Vote for Samurai of Legend ...." link. Click it and VOTE on each of the links. You will get 40 Rice and 70 Gold and ¥5,000. Every day. 

If muggers and robbers are a problem (which, of course, they are), then learn how to use the Trading Center for large purchases and sales. (I have a Guide to the Trade Center if you need it.) 

Rather than sell your rice and gold on the public markets, you can sell through the Trading Center. You can sell to me, but there are other would~be buyers out there too. 

I buy rice and gold (95k each) and PGAs (23 million each). I buy GPEs @ 1.4 million each. (But even if you don`t sell them to me .... sell your gold, rice, PGAsto somebody. Get that yen ... put it in the bank ... and get a steady income from the bank.) I also buy donator items for yen. 

The thing about the Trading Center is this: The money recipient can control the exact second that he/she receives the money .... and can therefore BANK it instantly. So common sense requires that the Money Sender Accepts the trade as soon as all trading items are in the box. The Money Sender then tells the Money receiver, "I have accepted." The money Receiver now knows that s/he can ACCEPT and immediately bank the yen. Divergence from this sequence can lead to mugging disasters. 

You also want to learn how to handle money quickly. It is an essential skill in this game. If you don't, the muggers and the robbers (yes, they are different) will take your hard-earned money away from you. Eventually, you will want to buy Theft Protection a $5 donator item that will protect you from robbers (but not muggers). But I would suggest that it is more important to first acquire two other $5 donator items, a Grab Bag Opener and Bank Card. They can be acquired by donating $5 or you can purchase them in the Item Market for around 900 million yen. 

I also sell Donator items, usually for a price 20 million yen cheaper than the cheapest seller in the Item Market. 

Up until you hit about Level 100, you want to turn everything into yen, because SoL pays a *phenomenal* rate of interest on yen: 2 percent PER DAY (Once you start to get close to having 150 million in the bank, get a Bank Card, which increases the interest rate to ***4*** percent PER DAY). At a four percent rate, the money in your bank doubles every 17 days! 

That interest rate is the source of almost all the wealth in the game. Turn everything into yen, and collect your interest income! 

As soon as you get close to topping out your bank, take advantage of Long Term Investments. You can have up to 30,000,000 invested at a time. The 20-day rate gives by far the best return — more than 4 percent per day for non-donators, and approaching 6 percent per day for donators. As soon as an investment matures, start a new one. 

When you hit Level 100, ask for the Discount Armor Guide to Hitting 100. 

If you don`t have a Grab Bag Opener, then you are missing out on The No. 1 Biggest Money~Maker in the game. Ask me to send the Discount Armor Guide to Grab Bags. Incidentally, my price on GBOs is almost always cheaper than the Item Market. 

Always try to use all your ENERGY and all your BRAVE. Don't let either of them just sit there at 100 percent. When they get there, use them up, so they'll refill. 

ENERGY, of course, is best used for leveling attacks. No one to attack? Use it to train. There'll be someone to attack by the time if refills. 

BRAVE is best used for Jailbreaks to help you level. You can only do this up to Level 175. No luck jailbreaking, or over Level 175? Then the best bet is the STEAL RICE crime. Three bags of rice for 50 BRAVE. Too weak to do that crime? FELLOW APPRENTICE will cost you eight BRAVE and get you a Shinai (plus 360 yen). Shinais can be sold to collectors. My friend Psycho [779303] currently pays top dollar for the things, 24k each in lots of 100 or more. 

And if you are online at least five days a week ... start a rice farm. You can get 160 bags of rice per week at VERY little cost. If you are only on, say, three days a week, your won`t be as productive. Farming rewards reliable follow-through. 

The beginning schools are all a good deal. Up to the 100 million yen school. That one, and the ones after it, are not a good deal. 

BTW, I *ALWAYS* beat the cheapest price ( yen or gold) in the Item Market ... weapons, armor gems or GBOs by a substantial amount. Just mail me when you are ready to buy. 

If you are upgrading your gear, I will buy your old gear, paying 99 percent of Shop Price. If you are not buying, but simply selling, I will give you 95 percent of Shop Price for any weapon or armor that costs more than 60 million yen. 

Of course, the easiest way to get yen, if you have plenty of RL money ... is to DONATE. Buy GBOs, WoD Spinners, Bank Cards and sell them to another player for yen. I offer the best prices. I am happy to accept donator items(GBOs, etc.) as part of any deal. I'm also happy to buy them outright for yen. 

After you have been playing about a month, go to Honor Awards on the Explore screen. Here you can win credit for some of your various accomplishments in the game. The credits can be exchanged for goods. The best ones are the "stat scrolls" which boost your Strength, Guard or Agility for 50 percent for 30 minutes. This allows you to attack (or mug) much more powerful players. Or you can sell them on the market (or to me) for like 140 million apiece. 

BTW: You are welcome to forward this guide to others —or post it in your clan forum—if you post it "as is" and do not edit it. You can preserve the color formatting if you copy it from ARCHIVE MESSAGES/INBOX. 

DA Also publishes "The DA Guide to Buying Arms", and many others. 

DA ~ Trillion yen discount ~ See Profile [224819]: 
Best Buy/Sell deals on Gear, Gems, Donator Goods! 

The DA Guide to Grab Bags 
Ver 10.8.20 
DA ~ Trillion yen discount ~ See Profile [224819]: 
Best Buy/Sell deals on Gear, Gems, Donator Goods! 

You need to know that grab bags ~~ on average ~~ contain stuff that is worth three or four times their 5000 yen cost. You buy them at the Grab Bag Center (middle column on the EXPLORE page). 

Therefore, you can make money by opening bags and selling their contents. 

Unfortunately, this is very time consuming and boring. 

However, if a player scratches together like 900 million yen or so -- the price varies -- he can buy a grab bag opener (GBO), which can open 2000 bags -- with one click -- every day. This produces 80-90 million worth of stuff every day. (It pays for itself in 5 to 6 days). Most of the wealth is in the form of Power Gym Admittance (PGA) scrolls, which appear about once every 400 Grab Bags. Players above Level 120 need these things and are willing to pay millions for them. PGA scrolls gain you one admission to the "Power Gym". At the Power Gym, you will get four times as many stats for each workout. Note that NOT ALL PGA scrolls can be sold. If it is a ``Personal`` PGA Scroll, you can use it, but you cannot trade or sell it. 

Grab Bags also contain Gun Powder Explosives (GPEs), which can be used to attack *anyone* in the game, regardless of level. You gain no EXP experience by doing so, but perhaps you gain the satifaction of revenge. A better use of these, in my opinion, is that you can sell them. 

GBOs are sold in the Donor Section of the Item Market, where they cost about a billion yen. The good news is that I almost always have some in stock. I charge 30 million less than the cheapest one in the Item Market. (Same pricing deal on all donator goods, Bank Card, Theft Protection, WoD Spinners, $3 DP Packs.) Of course, if you are willing to donate to the game, you can pay $5 US and get a GBO by clicking ``Donate to SoL`` and going to the ``Create your own package`` page. 

The GBO is an essential key to wealth in the game. 

What I did, when I started the game (and learned about GBOs) is: I opened 2,000 of the damn bags one at a time, every day -- and sold the contents -- until I could afford to buy an opener. 

At the Grab Bag Center, you can buy as many as you want ... but you have to buy them in batches of 9999 (almost 50 million yen) or less. Buying Grab Bags for future use, by the way, is an excellent way to hide money, say, if you need to keep your City Bank balance below 150 million. (If you ever need to turn them back into cash for some sort of emergency — which I do not recommend — I will buy Grab Bags at 90 percent of cost ... 4500 yen lots of 10,000 or more. ) 

The GBO will open 120,000 bags. That means it will last at least 60 days. By then it will have earned you enough yen and other good stuff that you won't mind buying another. 

BTW: If you need a secure way to sell stuff. Consider using the Trading Center, where players can protect themselves against robbers and muggers. I use it to buy rice and gold (at 95k each), PGAs (at 23 million each), and GPEs @ 1.4 million each. 

If you haven`t already seen it, request The Discount Armor Essential Guide to making Yen on SoL. I also publish several other guides, including The Discount Armor Weapon and Armor Buying Guide. 

DA ~ Trillion yen discount ~ See Profile [224819]: 
Best Buy/Sell deals on Gear, Gems, Donator Goods! 


DA's SoL Arms Buying Guide 
Ver 10.8.271 — A Discount Armor Guide 
DA ~ Trillion yen discount ~ See Profile [224819]: 
Best Buy/Sell deals on Gear, Gems, Donator Goods! 

You may forward or post this guide in clan forums. See Paragraph 13. 

1. I usually have in stock (or can easily acquire) every weapon and armor from Level 300 up through Level 1400 stuff (everything that's 100 million yen and up). 

2. How to choose. It's pretty simple: Weapons inflict damage in battle. Armor aborbs it. The effectiveness of weapons and armor is pretty much directly proportional to the Shop Price. So you start by deciding how much you can afford to spend. 

3. I have NO price list. I invite buyers to go look in the Item Market. In the Market, find the WEAPON OR ARMOR that suits you .... and that you can AFFORD. Click on the INFO link next to each item. It will tell you all about that item. Then contact me, DA (Discount Armor) *directly*, and I will give you a much better deal than the cheapest price in the Item Market for Gear, Gems or GBOs

4. How do I do it? Volume. Plus, I cheat on my taxes! Because I sell in the trade center ... I DON'T PAY THE 1.5 percent SALES TAX. And I don't get mugged, so I don't pay the mugger tax either! 

5. No credit. You must pay in full at the time of the sale. 

6. I give Trillion-yen discounts in order to combat "Mugger Pricing". I list high-end gear at prices a trillion yen higher than my actual selling price (which is always lower than competitors). I do this so that you can *see* my selling price, but you cannot buy without directly contacting me. Thus, you get a good price; I don't get mugged or pay Sales Tax. Win, win. 

7. Please don't ask for price quotes unless you are ready to buy. Please be considerate of my time. In any event, my price quotes are good for 30 minutes only. 

8. If you are upgrading, I accept trade~ins (valued at 60 million or more) at 96 to 100 percent of Shop Price (perhaps less if I already have too many of that piece of gear in stock). 

9. If you are not upgrading, I will usually buy arms and weapons (valued at 60 million or more) at approximately 93 to 95 percent of Shop Price (perhaps less if I already have too many of that piece of gear in stock). Ask me and I will make an offer. 

10. I have several guides to the game that I offer to customers. Ask for the Discount Armor Essential Money Making Guide. Or the DA Guide to Grab Bags. Or The DA Guide to Stats Strategy. Or Discount Armor's Guide to Stats or Steel? 

11. I discourage purchase of the Odachi, Muteki Kotetsu, Kyoofu Kimono, Katsujinken and almost all modified armor and weapons (Katana of the Heavens, Mighty Sword of Agression, Solemn Spear, Blinding Tachi, Royal Domaru Armor, etc.) And the worst of the lot are the Akuma Tsurugi and the Haramaki of Vigor, which give little improvement over the underlying gear, despite the fact that each modification consumes a couple billion yen worth or Large Jades. Yikes. In fairness, I should note that the HoV at least yields a 10- percent Agility boost. The Akuma gives no boost. 

The Odachi, Muteki Kotetsu, Kyoofu Kimono, Katsujinken are not exactly terrible pieces of gear, but you will find them very difficult to resell. Avoid them. 

The "Workshop Weapons" are also difficult to resell, but, to make matters worse, they are usually not as good as comparably priced shop weapons (except the Dark Blade of the Abyss and the Eternity Blade—both of which are fabulous). Of course, if you insist, I have all the gems and gear to make any Workshop Weapon that you want. 

12. The Shop Price figure in the INFO button is meaningless for "Workshop Weapons" like the Solemn Spear, Dark Blade of the Abyss, etc. ... since you can't actually buy the weapons from a shop. The prices in the Item Market are the best gauge of price in such cases. 

If you are trading in a Workshop Weapon or Armor (below the excellent Level 1000+ modded gear), expect that I will give you much less than you spent making it. Sorry to have to deliver the Bad News. 

13. If you already have one of these Workshop Weapons, use it as your "secondary weapon." You always want a stat-boosting weapon as your secondary. If a weapon gives, say, a 10- percent Strength stat boost ... then you receive that boost whether you attack with the stat-boosting secondary, or with your stronger "primary weapon." 

14. You may resend this guide to friends or post it in a clan forum. You may not post it in a regular forum, because it is filled with so called "Samurai Wisdom" and Forum Moderators will delete it. If you wish to retain the colors and other formatting, you will need to go to MAILBOX/ARCHIVE MESSAGES/INBOX and then COPY it from there. 

15. Here is a list of all Shop Weapons and Armor sold in the game. The number listed is *Shop Price*. My price will be higher .... but always less than prices in the Item Market. . Modified gear is not listed. 

Level 1 City..Weapons.. 
Frozen Fish ¥75 
Chop Stick ¥100 
Frozen Fish of Fortitude ¥200 
Ono ¥4,000 
Japanese Zori ¥3,750 
Peice of Dragon Skin ¥5,000 

Level 5 City..Weapons.. 
Hunters Bow Arrow ¥150 
Masakari ¥10,000 
Hunters Bow ¥20,000 
Serenity Staff (+100 Agility) ¥20,000 
Peasant Clothes ¥8,000 
Rhinoceros Hide ¥11,250 
Bamboo Shield ¥18,500 

Level 10 City..Weapons.. 
Kodachi ¥20,000 
Bokken ¥35,000 
Wooden Shield ¥30,000 
Simple Bronze Helmet ¥37,500 

Level 20 City..Weapons.. 
Tanto of Knowledge (+25 IQ) ¥100,000 
Tanto of Might (+3% Strength) ¥120,000 
Yukata ¥112,500 
Black Laquered Menpo(+300 Guard) ¥150,000 

Level 30
Selfbow Arrow ¥300 
A Selfbow ¥325,000 
Jutte ¥325,000 
Bronze Breastplate ¥300,000 

Level 50 City..Weapons.. 
Kama ¥600,000 
Uchigatana ¥1,000,000 
Silk Kimono ¥550,000 
Kabuto Helmet ¥900,000 

Level 75 City..Weapon.. 
Wakizashi ¥1,750,000 
Naginata ¥2,200,000 
Kurokote ¥1,400,000 
Bogu ¥1,850,000 

Level 100 City..Weapons.. 
Yanagi Arrow ¥1,500 
Long Recurve Bow ¥2,500,000 
Katana ¥4,000,000 
Lightweight Katana (+10% Strength) ¥4,500,000 
Well Balanced Katana (+10% Agility) ¥4,500,000 
Warlords Mail ¥2,500,000 
Vermilion Sengoku Armor ¥3,000,000 

Level 125
Tetsusaiga ¥10,000,000 
Domaru Armor ¥8,000,000 

Level 150 City..Weapons.. 
Dragon Sword ¥20,000,000 
Nodachi ¥25,000,000 
Okimis ¥15,000,000 

Level 200 City..Weapons.. 
Reverse Blade Sword ¥60,000,000 
Red Demon Armor ¥30,000,000 

Level 300
Frozen Fish ¥75 
Whistleing arrow ¥10,000 
Megdhers Bow ¥90,000,000 
Spear of a Thousand Souls ¥100,000,000 
Tachi ¥150,000,000 
Haramaki ¥75,000,000 
Ancient Daimyo Kago Yari ¥100,000,000 

Level 400 City..Weapon 
Katsujinken ¥350,000,000 
Dokujin Katar ¥400,000,000 
Muteki Kotetsu ¥240,000,000 
Hiruko Gi ¥300,000,000 

Level 500 ..weapons 
Odachi ¥700000000 
Satsujinken ¥800000000 
Kyoofu Kimono ¥600000000 
Fushi Armor ¥700000000 

Level 600 city..Weapons: 
Kaze Tessen (+1000 HP) ¥1250000000 
Hokori Manrikigusari ¥1500000000 
Takeda Shingen Battle Armor ¥1250000000 

Lev 700 City..Weapons 
Kanji Zangetsu ¥1750000000 (+5 pct strength ... not noted in desc) 
Raidens Naginata ¥2000000000 
Kozane Gusoku Armor ¥1600000000 (+5 pct agility ... not noted in desc) 
Jounin Kashiwa Armor ¥1750000000 

Level 800 city ..Weapons 
Dragon Katana ¥2750000000 (+10 pct HP) 
Juuchi Fuyu ¥3000000000 
Fudoumyouou ¥2500000000 (+5 pct Guard) 
Ryuujin Hogosha ¥2750000000 

Level 1000 city .. Weapons 
Twin Blade Of Serpents Fang ¥4,750,000,000 (+5% Str +5% Agil) 
Kingdom Destroyer ¥5,000,000,000 
Shigehto Bow ¥5,000,000,000 
Shigehto Arrow ¥100,000 
The Forbidden Armor ¥4,750,000,000 (+5% Guard) 
Sengakuji Ako ¥5,000,000,000 

Level 1100 city ..Weapons 
Blade of Origins ¥8,000,000,000 
Dark Breastplate of the Fallen ¥12,000,000,000 

Level 1200 city .. weapons? 
Misery Blade ¥14,500,000,000 
Katana of Ancients ¥16,000,000,000 
Kami No Shiroyuki ¥14,000,000,000 
Kagami O-Yoroi ¥16,000,000,000 

Level 1300 City .. weapons? 
Yurei Spirit Wind Wakizashi ¥25,000,000,000 
Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi ¥34,000,000,000 
Cursed Yomi Armor ¥22,000,000,000 
Cloak of Ieyasu ¥30,000,000,000 

Level 1400 City .. weapons? 
Doragongiri ¥50,000,000,000 
Makjusei Benkatu ¥55,000,000,000 
Fools Kimono ¥45,000,000,000 
Kintoshi Blood Armor ¥50,000,000,000 

New to SoL? : Ask for DA`s Essential Guide to Making Yen on SoL

DA also publishes the Consumer Guide to SoL Schools and numerous other guides to the game. 

DA ~ Trillion yen discount ~ See Profile [224819]: 
Best Buy/Sell deals on Gear, Gems, DonatorGoods