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Luci we will miss you...

"Luci, i'll miss you loads, hope you get everything on track and i'll see you back on in a few months. Hope everything goes well for you while you're gone. 
You're a great guy and a real pleasure to talk with. 
Good Luck with everything and i'll hopefully talk to you soon"

"Luci, I don't even know what to say.. You brought loads of fun into this crappy game for me.. 
I'll miss you a lot man..  Hate to see you go, loved talking to you."

"Time will come you’ll going to say goodbye. You’ll say ‘Thanks for everything.’ It will truly hurt me but I will accept it and smile to hide the pain. I will miss you my Luci Bear. You will always have a special place in my heart on here. Untill we meet in the new year be safe, < 3"

Praise Luci

Do you love Luci?